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Discover our Specialty Coffee Shop

Discover our specialty coffee: Handcrafted with the finest beans, each cup is brewed to perfection to deliver an exceptional taste experience. Indulge in our exquisite latte art, where every cup is a masterpiece. Try our unique blends and elevate your coffee game! Coming soon: Enjoy the convenience of online ordering! Skip the line and get your favourite coffee, food, and beverages faster than ever. Stay tuned for our new feature! check us out on

We see you and Welcome you!

At Louie Coffee we love seeing familiar faces. When you walk in, it’s more than just a cup of coffee—it’s a moment we cherish. #specialtycoffee #coffee #libertyvillage #torontocoffee #communitycoffee

🌞 Summertime Iced Coffee! 🌞

Beat the heat with our refreshing Iced Coffee at Louie Coffee Shop! Expertly brewed and chilled to perfection, it’s the ultimate summer pick-me-up. Swing by and enjoy the best specialty coffee in Toronto, right here in Liberty Village.

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Iced Latte Coffee

Cool down with our delicious Iced Latte at Louie Coffee Shop! Perfectly brewed, refreshingly cold, and just what you need to beat the heat. Come sip on the best specialty coffee in Toronto, right in Liberty Village. #Coffee #TorontoCoffee #SpecialtyCoffee #LibertyVillage @LouieCoffeeShop ☕️❄️ #coffee #torontocoffee #specialtycoffee #libertyvillage @LouieCoffeeShop

Louie Coffee Shop Owner and Operator Matt Lee sits down with Zuccarini

This week we sit down with Matt from @louiecoffeeshop ☕️ Matt’s been working in specialty coffee since 2005, and opened his first cafe, Manic Coffee, back in 2007. If you’ve been thinking about going into the coffee industry or want to open your own cafe, you’ll definitely want to watch until the end to hear Matt’s #1 piece of advice!💡 Pssst! If you found this helpful, please do comment, share with a friend, or save it for later😉 #buddingbarista #entrepreneurlife #supportsmallbusiness

Tell us How you Like Your Coffee

Discover the artistry behind every cup as Louie Coffee Shops staff members showcase their expertise in brewing the perfect coffee, tailored to suit individual preferences. Whether you prefer the bold embrace of an espresso, the velvety smoothness of a latte, or the aromatic dance of a pour-over, Louie’s Coffee Shop caters to every palate.

Liberty Village’s hidden gem #coffeeshop #artisancoffee #thirdwavecoffee

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