Tell us How you Like Your Coffee

Discover the artistry behind every cup as Louie Coffee Shops staff members showcase their expertise in brewing the perfect coffee, tailored to suit individual preferences. Whether you prefer the bold embrace of an espresso, the velvety smoothness of a latte, or the aromatic dance of a pour-over, Louie’s Coffee Shop caters to every palate.

Free WIFI Empowering Connectivity

Louie Coffee Shop is delighted to have a longstanding strategic partnership with Beanfield, the local internet company that generously provides our customers with complimentary internet access (

Unlike the WiFi experience at large corporate coffee chains, Beanfield’s customer-centric approach ensures our patrons enjoy free internet without the hassle of navigating through their website or worrying about personal data collection.

Beanfield’s initiative is specifically designed to eliminate barriers to internet access, demonstrating a commitment to user-friendly service and respect for customer privacy—practices uncommon among the large telcos in Canada. Our collaboration with Beanfield further emphasizes our shared dedication to supporting local independent businesses, fostering an environment that promotes growth and sustainability for establishments like ours.

In essence, by aligning with Beanfield, they’re not merely providing free internet to our customers; they’re participating in a community-focused approach that values accessibility, user privacy, and the growth of local businesses. This perspective resonates seamlessly with our values at Louie Coffee Shop, enriching the overall experience for our patrons and solidifying our connections within the community.

An inside look from the folks at Zuccarini

Video Credit and BIG thank you to Zuccarini Importing for this feature!

” 📣 YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT… 📍 @louiecoffeeshop Toronto, ON Located in the beautiful and historic Toronto Carpet Factory building, Louie is a third wave artisanal coffee shop named after an unpretentious and friendly labrador. 🐶 Besides its absolutely adorable origin story, there’s lots to love about Louie: they serve top-notch specialty coffee (they also have their own house blend by @socialcoffee!), their team is friendly and welcoming, the space is super cozy, and their food menu covers every craving from danishes and vegan & gluten-free cookies to healthy salads, quiches and sandwiches. ☕️👀 BEHIND THE BAR: @victoriaarduinoofficial White Eagle Digit @victoriaarduinoofficial Mythos ClimaPro @puqpress M2 Mythos @eureka__grinders Atom 🍵🧋MUST-TRY DRINKS: Flat White Matcha Latte Kyoto Smoke Caramel Latte 🍩🥪 MUST-TRY DISHES: Beignets Sandwiches by @petitethuet Almond Croissant #todotoronto #blogto #coffeetour #cafeintoronto “

Free Drink with your Coffee Bean Purchase

Visit our cafe today, where every coffee bean purchase becomes an opportunity to savor excellence and elevate your coffee ritual. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to enhance your coffee experience with a complimentary drink—because at our establishment, we believe your coffee enjoyment should be nothing short of exceptional.