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Free WIFI Empowering Connectivity

Louie Coffee Shop is delighted to have a longstanding strategic partnership with Beanfield, the local internet company that generously provides our customers with complimentary internet access (

Unlike the WiFi experience at large corporate coffee chains, Beanfield’s customer-centric approach ensures our patrons enjoy free internet without the hassle of navigating through their website or worrying about personal data collection.

Beanfield’s initiative is specifically designed to eliminate barriers to internet access, demonstrating a commitment to user-friendly service and respect for customer privacy—practices uncommon among the large telcos in Canada. Our collaboration with Beanfield further emphasizes our shared dedication to supporting local independent businesses, fostering an environment that promotes growth and sustainability for establishments like ours.

In essence, by aligning with Beanfield, they’re not merely providing free internet to our customers; they’re participating in a community-focused approach that values accessibility, user privacy, and the growth of local businesses. This perspective resonates seamlessly with our values at Louie Coffee Shop, enriching the overall experience for our patrons and solidifying our connections within the community.