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Liberty Village matures to living, working community

Repost from Toronto Star

” There’s a calmer ambience at Louie Craft Coffee, a cosy little gem opened in May by 30-something sisters Joanna and Anna Lee. One has a background in business, the other in coffee. Both know the neighbourhood; their parents had a corner store further west at Roncesvalles Ave.

“We would come to this area for warehouse parties in the ’90s. It used to be an industrial wasteland. It’s crazy how it’s developed. But there was no place to have a really great coffee,” says Anna.

Louie is all about the coffee. A high-end, hand-made La Marzocco Strada machine sits on the counter like a piece of modern art — all gleaming metal and curving lines.

It is, according to the sisters as temperamental as a teenager before the prom, and requires frequent calibration to maintain the high standard they demand.

Beans are roasted locally by Social Coffee.

“Somebody told me coming here is like a little reprieve — a perfect five-minute break that’s full-on sensory with music, and the smell of coffee,” says Joanna.”